• Every child has the right to feel safe
      To be nurtured and to have a loving place...

      As the children only have the one go
      at being a happy child
      Let's make them all happy and stop
      the world from going wild

All about you...

This website's all about you and your wellbeing – and what the adults in your life need to do to help you, if you need some more support at some point.

Most young people have a loving family to support them. And with teachers, youth workers and others around you as well, hopefully you’ll have everything you need to help make sure your wellbeing is as good as it can be.

But we just can’t say who might need some extra help at some point if things aren’t going so well. And that’s why we think it’s so important that everyone should be aiming to get it right for every child (GIRFEC for short). If we can catch any problems early on, maybe we can stop them getting too big and out of control. GIRFEC encourages all the adults in your life to look out for your wellbeing and offer help if you or your family need it.

The idea of GIRFEC comes from the Scottish Government, but this website is by and for young people to show you what’s being done in schools and elsewhere to support your wellbeing.


You have the right to be safe and healthy. You should be respected and included, nurtured and responsible. And you should get all the encouragement you need to be active, and to achieve things in your lives

Wellbeing in 8 words

There for you

A new law is going to say that all schools need to look out for your rights and wellbeing and make sure there is someone there for you and your family to speak to if you have any worries or concerns about your wellbeing...

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Extra support

Sometimes a child or young person - and possibly their family, too - will need some extra support from the adults around them. If anyone’s got any concerns then a plan of action may be needed to help get things back on track...

A plan for wellbeing