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A website for social care and health care which promotes service users' own priorities and their well-being and quality of life


England's 2005 social care Green Paper, Independence, Well-being and Choice, offered support for everyone who wants to see community care for older people become:

-    more responsive to the priorities of each individual service user,

-    ready to address older people's well-being and quality of life,

-    more flexible and capable of meeting a wide variety of service users' needs.

This website provides a base for publications from two separate research projects, both based in York UK, which show how to advance such aims.  They are sources of guidance for making the personal care budgets, announced by Putting People First in December 2007, a route to flexible, person-centred care for older people.

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 'Caring for the whole person: home care for older people which promotes well-being and choice'

Complete findings from the in-depth, final stage of the research project on flexible, person-centred home care for older people, which was funded by the Department of Health and conducted at the Social Policy Research Unit, University of York, during 2001-2005.  This research gives practical guidance for making home care more person-centred and supportive of older people's well-being and for preparing for transition to personal care budgets, the individual budgets announced by Putting People First in December 2007. Click on the title for a link towards full text of this key publication on person-centred care - and links to other publications from this three-part research project.

Announcement: 'Caring for the whole person' is now also available in paperback and e-book formats - see details via link above.

Reducing depression among older people receiving care 

A project in North Yorkshire which demonstrated, through a controlled research trial, how a holistic, person-centred approach by care staff can reduce depression and improve well-being among older people receiving care services. While the test of this approach concerned improving the well-being of depressed older people in care homes, the same methods can be applied in other types of care service for older people. Click on the title for a link to summaries of the research findings and in-depth information on the project's intervention methods.


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