Welcome to SHINE, our prototype historical search engine.


This tool has been developed as part of the Big UK Data Arts and Humanities project funded by the AHRC. Read more about the project on our blog.

The data was acquired by JISC from the Internet Archive (IA) and includes all .uk websites in the IA web collection crawled between around 1996 until April 2013 (you can read more details about this dataset here). The collection comprises over 3.5 billion items (urls, images and other documents) and has been full-text indexed by the UK Web Archive. Every word of every website in the collection can be searched for and analysed.

What can I do?

Trend analysis

Use ‘trends’ to analyse the number of pages a word or phrase appears in the collection over a given period (within 1996-2013). Comparisons can be drawn by adding several words or phrases separated by a comma. E.g. cat, dog, goldfish

Clicking on a graph point gives a sample of websites that use that word or phrase and give the context it was used.


On the Search page, you can enter search terms and get the results back as a list of pages, presenting more detailed information per page. The result set may be a VERY large number of webpages (possibly millions) and they are NOT ordered by relevance which you may expect with a search engine such as Google.

You can, however, narrow down the search with faceting on such things as ‘content type’, ‘year of capture’, domain and even Post Code amongst others.

See Search Tips for help with search terms and query syntax.


This is a prototype service and we need YOUR feedback so that we can improve it and extend it to our other web archive collections. Please get in touch with your experiences (good and bad), issues and questions through our contact page or on Twitter.