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1624 Country

(en) Archived date: 2010-07-20 http://www.1624country.org.uk/

Abingdon Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.abingdonquakers.org.uk/

Ackworth School

(en) Archived date: 2010-07-22 http://www.ackworthschool.com/

Adventures of Rachel and John, The: Exploring the world on our tandem

(en) Archived date: 2010-09-21 http://fitzgeraldfreewheel.wordpress.com/

Almeley Wootton Quakers


Alnwick Friends

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.alnwickquakers.org.uk/

Answering That of God


Arian i Fadagascar | Money for Madasgcar

(en) Viewable only on Library premises Money for Madagascar is a Welsh based charity that funds ... (en) Archived date: 2015-09-09 http://www.moneyformadagascar.org/

Balby (Doncaster) Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2011-09-07 http://www.doncasterquakers.org.uk/

Bangor Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2011-08-31 http://bangorquakers.org.uk/

Bath Quaker meeting

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://hutch.19inch.net/~bathmeeting/

Beeston Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://beestonquakers.blogspot.com/

Bill Chadkirk

(en) Archived date: 2015-01-20 http://billchadkirk.co.uk/

Blackburn Society of Friends

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.blackburn.quakers.btinternet.co.uk/

Blackheath Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.blackheathquakers.org.uk/BQMfiles/BQindex.htm

Blue Idol Quaker Meeting, West Sussex

(en) Archived date: 2011-09-07 http://www.blueidol.org/

Bolton Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://bolton.quaker.eu.org/index.htm


(en) Archived date: 2010-07-22 http://www.boothamschool.com/

Bournemouth Coastal Area Meeting

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.ascb.co.uk/quakers_home.html

Bournville Community website

(en) Archived date: 2010-01-05 http://www.bournville-web.net/index.shtml

Bradford Friends

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://bradfordfriends.livejournal.com/


(en) Archived date: 2010-07-20 http://www.breckenbrough.org.uk/

Brentford and Isleworth Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2011-09-07 http://www.brentfordandisleworthquakers.org.uk/

Bridgend Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.bridgendquakers.org.uk/

Brigflatts Quaker Meeting

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.brigflatts.org/

Brighton Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.brightonquakers.co.uk/

Bristol Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.bristolquakers.org.uk/

Bristol and Wessex Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2011-09-07 http://www.wessexquakers.org.uk/

Britain Quaker Meeting Houses' Photostream


Britain Yearly Meeting 2007

(en) Archived date: 2010-07-22 http://britainyearlymeeting.blogspot.com/

Bunhill Fields Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://bunhillfields.quaker.eu.org/

Burford Quaker Meeting House

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.burford-quakers.org.uk/

Central England Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2010-09-21 http://www.centralenglandquakers.org.uk/

Central Fife Quaker Meeting on Facebook

(en) Viewable only on Library premises Facebook page of a Quaker (Society of Friends) Meeting lo... (en) Archived date: 2018-11-17 https://www.facebook.com/fifequakers/

Cheltenham Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.cheltenhamquaker.org.uk/

Chichester Quaker Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

(en) Archived date: 2011-09-09 http://www.chichesterquakers.org.uk/

Circles UK

(en) Archived date: 2010-01-04 http://www.circles-uk.org.uk/

Cirencester Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.cirencesterfriends.org.uk/

Clacton Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.clactonquakers.org/

Claridge House

(en) Archived date: 2010-01-05 http://www.claridgehousequaker.org.uk/


(en) Archived date: 2010-07-22 http://www.clarksvillage.co.uk/

Clevedon Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2011-03-10 http://www.clevedonquakers.org.uk/

Colchester Quaker Meeting House

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.qcolpm.demon.co.uk/

Cotteridge Friends Meeting

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.cotteridge.quaker.eu.org/

Coventry Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.coventryquakers.org.uk/

Crawshawbooth Quakers

(en) Archived date: 2009-12-07 http://www.tudo.co.uk/quakers_craw/index.html