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British Association for Women in Policing (BAWP)

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.bawp.org/

British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE)

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.bawe-uk.org/

British Doulas

Viewable only on Library premises http://www.britishdoulas.co.uk/

British Menopause Society

Viewable only on Library premises The BMS is a registered charity and scientific society wh... Archived date: 2005-06-02 http://www.thebms.org.uk/

British Obesity Surgery Patient Asociation (BOSPA)

Viewable only on Library premises Archived date: 2005-09-26 http://www.bospa.org/

British Women Artists

Archived date: 2018-07-13 http://www.britishwomenartists.com/

British Women Pilots' Association (BWPA)

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.bwpa.co.uk/


Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.buddies4travel.co.uk/

Business and Professional Women UK (BPWUK)

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.bpwuk.co.uk/

Butterfly Adventures

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.butterflyadventures.co.uk/

Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering (Cambridge AWiSE)

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.camawise.org.uk/

Camfed International

Archived date: 2013-02-26 http://www.camfed.org/

Cardiff Feminist Network

Viewable only on Library premises The website for Cardiff Feminist Network, a forum for fem... Archived date: 2019-07-30 https://feministcardiff.wordpress.com/

Cardiff Roller Collective

Viewable only on Library premises Archived date: 2012-04-02 http://cardiffrollercollective.com/

Carnival of Feminists, The



Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.cartoonkate.co.uk/

Catholic Women's Ordination

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.catholic-womens-ordination.org.uk/

Central American Women's Network (CAWN)

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.cawn.org/

Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics

Viewable only on Library premises Archived date: 2006-06-25 http://www.qub.ac.uk/cawp/

Centre for Women & Democracy (CFWD)

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.cfwd.org.uk/

Changing Attitude

Viewable only on Library premises Archived date: 2006-01-13 http://www.changingattitude.org.uk/

Chawton House Library


Cheltenham Ladies' College

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.cheltladiescollege.org/

Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU)

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.cwasu.org/

Clare Short

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.clareshort.co.uk/

Clare Summerskill

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.claresummerskill.co.uk/

Clean Break

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.cleanbreak.org.uk/

Corvey Women Writers on the Web (CW3)

Viewable only on Library premises Archived date: 2006-03-07 http://www2.shu.ac.uk/corvey/cw3/

Cuckoo's Nest Women's Morris Dancers

Viewable only on Library premises http://www.mlawson.plus.com/cuckoos/

DAWN (Dynamic Asian Women's Network)

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.mydawn.co.uk/

Darwin and Gender: The Blog

Archived date: 2011-10-04 http://www.darwinproject.ac.uk/gender/

Daughters of Eve

Viewable only on Library premises Daughters of Eve is a non profit organisation that works... Archived date: 2019-02-11 http://www.dofeve.org/

Daughters of Wisdom

Site of a women's Roman Catholic religious order. Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.daughtersofwisdom.org.uk/

Deborah Withers

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.debi-rah.net/

Desertion Survivors

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.desertionsurvivors.org.uk/

Designer Women

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.designerwomen.co.uk/

Dexerous Diva, The

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://dexterousdiva.co.uk/

Diane Abbott (Labour Politician)

Diane Abbott stood as Labour candidate for Hackney North ... Archived date: 2018-05-10 http://www.dianeabbott.org.uk/

Diane Atkinson

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.dianeatkinson.co.uk/

Directory of women only holidays, breaks, courses and vacations

Viewable only on Library premises http://www.travel-quest.co.uk/tqwomen.htm

Disordered Eating

Viewable only on Library premises This website is dedicated to raising awareness of eating ... Archived date: 2007-08-22 http://www.disordered-eating.co.uk/

Diverse Traveller

Archived date: 2010-06-24 http://www.diversetraveller.com/

Do you remember Olive Morris?

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.rememberolivemorris.wordpress.com/

Domestic Sluttery

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://www.domesticsluttery.com/


Archived date: 2012-08-07 http://doodlemum.com/

Dr Charlotte Cooper

Archived date: 2013-10-14 http://charlottecooper.net/

Dr Sandra Courtman

Viewable only on Library premises Archived date: 2006-03-21 http://www.shef.ac.uk/till/staff/profiles/courtman.html

Early Menopause UK

Viewable only on Library premises http://www.earlymenopause.co.uk/