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Spending Cuts 2010: Impact on Social Welfare

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  • BBC News: Minister hits out at 'false' work scheme campaign
  • BBC News: Negotiate over public sector pension change, says Cable
  • BBC News: PM criticised on Mumsnet by mother of disabled child
  • BBC News: Public sector strike hits services and schools
  • BBC News: Public sector strikes disrupt services across England
  • BBC News: Public sector workers back mass strike over pensions
  • BBC News: Q&A: How will the Autumn Statement affect you?
  • BBC News: Social care reform: Fears over funding plan
  • BBC News: South East charities to lose millions in local authority cuts
  • BBC News: Student fees protest: questions on police handling
  • BBC News: Student fees protests: Does rioting change anything?
  • BBC News: Surgeons raise alarm over waiting
  • BBC News: Surrey library volunteer decision ruled unlawful by High Court
  • BBC News: Teachers in fresh strike ballot over pay and pensions
  • BBC News: Thousands march in student protest over university fees
  • BBC News: UK university applications down as fees rise
  • BBC News: Unions call 'national day of action' over pensions
  • BBC News: Unison's Prentis warns of massive strikes over pensions
  • BBC News: Was Tottenham's riot a cry of rage?
  • BBC News: Welfare bill suffers Lords defeat over child support
  • BBC News: West Sussex adult social care cuts approved
  • BBC News: £180m bursary scheme replaces EMA
  • Barnet Alliance for Public Services
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  • Birmingham City Council: Budget Views

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  • British Politics and Policy at LSE: The coalition says its spending cuts will lead to a 'fairer Britain', but the evidence points to a widening inequality gap in coming years

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  • British Politics and Policy at LSE: The government's Work Capability Assessment for disabled people is one of the toughest in the world - it is not fit for purpose

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  • British Politics and Policy at LSE: The government's reduction in spending on the welfare state is greater than any in 90 years and private insurance will struggle to fill the gap

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  • Building a social recovery? A first year report card on the Coalition Government

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  • CARE: CARE responds to the Budget - Marriage in the Tax System
  • Cabinet Office: Statement from Francis Maude on PCS ballot
  • Camden Keep our NHS Public

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  • Catholic Church in England and Wales: Archbishops' Address to Caritas Network Conference
  • Centre for Welfare Reform, The

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