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It is with profound regret that the Public Libraries Group of CILIP announces the cessation of the Public Library Journal.  For decades, PLJ has been an excellent resource for public library professionals.  The journal's editorial board has worked extremely hard to bring readers the kind of high quality content from which we have all benefitted as professionals, and which has helped us learn about the latest thinking and innovative ideas in public librarianship.


Ever-increasing funding problems have, unfortunately, had a significant impact on PLG's ability to finance the production of the journal: it is no longer something which the group can afford to sustain.  This decision was reached with great reluctance and after much consideration was given to alternatives.  We would like to thank the editorial board for their dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm: without them, PLJ would not have been the success it was.


As reforms to PLG progress, it is hoped that the spirit of PLJ will be continued in a new form.


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Last modified on: 26/03/2012 10:18 AM