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Humberside Police Authority is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience.

We are currently searching for new methods to bring all areas of the site up to the same level of web accessibility. In the meantime should you experience any difficulty in using the Humberside Police Authority website, please contact the Secretariat on 01482 220787.

Website Accessibility Features

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The Authority recognises that reading large amounts of text on screen can be difficult for those with literacy and visual impairments. BrowseAloud reads web pages aloud for people who find it difficult to read online. Simply click on the BrowseAloud logo on the homepage and follow the instructions to use this application.

Increasing text size

If you have problems reading the text of our website you might find it easier to read if you increase its size.

There are a number of ways that you can adjust the size of the text displayed (either to increase or decrease its size). These depend on your browser and the platform you are using.

Scroll Wheel Mouse Method

If you have access to a scroll wheel mouse, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and scroll the wheel. This will adjust the text size on most platforms and browsers. Scrolling up will increase the text size, and scrolling down will decrease the text size. If you are not able to use a scroll wheel mouse in this way, or if you wish to make a permanent change to your text size, then you will have to use the browser specific methods detailed below.

Browser Specific Methods

Depending on the browser you are using there are other ways you can change the size of the text that you view websites. Simply follow the appropriate instructions listed below:

Internet Explorer (5.0+): Select Text Size from the View menu, and choose a different text size.

Mozilla Firefox (1.0+): Select Text Size from the View menu, and choose increase, decrease or normal as appropriate.

Netscape Navigator (7.0+): Select Text Zoom from the View menu, and change the Zoom Percentage accordingly. Note that this only increases the size of text and not images.

Opera (8.0+):  You can zoom the entire page adjusting the size of images as well as text by selecting Zoom from the View menu and then altering the percentage zoom to suit.

Note: If your browser does not appear in the above list, look under 'View' on your web browser's menu or refer to the help documentation.

Changing background colours

If you use magnification software you may wish to change our website's background colour. After magnification a white background can result in an uncomfortable glare. It is also possible to change the colour of the main screen text on the website. You can make either of the above changes by altering the preferences in your browser.

Browser Specific Methods

Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Colours. Then make changes to text and background colours in the Colours panel.

Mozilla: Tools > Options > General. From here you will be able to change colours and other settings.

Netscape: Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Colours. You can set the colour of text and background from here.

Opera: Text colour: File > Preferences > Fonts. Double click on the text you want to edit the colour of.

Background colour: File > Preferences > Page style. You can edit the background colour and other settings from here.

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