CILIP Manifesto


Quality library and information services are fundamental to the success of our society

The CILIP Manifesto sets out six priorities for the next Westminster government to ensure that quality library and information provision, delivered by skilled and committed practitioners, continues and improves.

It has been developed to focus on making library and information provision better for users and society. If the government implements these six practical priorities our library and information services will both benefit and improve.

CILIP says the government must:

1. Make school libraries statutory
2. Promote and protect the rights of users within copyright law
3. Build a successful knowledge economy
4. Preserve the UK's digital cultural heritage
5. Fund and enable the effective co-ordination of health information
6. Develop a set of library entitlements for public library users

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Information is fundamental to the success of our society.

Library and information services...

    • Rebuild the economy by helping people to learn new skills and providing information and support for the unemployed
    • Inform research that nurtures innovation and facilitates successful enterprise - university and research libraries are key in enabling this
    • Bridge the digital divide by providing computers and access to the internet, and teaching how to use it. They also provide special equipment to help those with disabilities
    • Enrich the lives of individuals by putting them in touch with creative works, ideas and factual information
    • Inspire a love of reading in the young
    • Provide the information literacy skills necessary for learning, living and work
    • Promote community development by being community spaces, supporting active citizenship and providing resources for learning
    • Improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities by supporting medical research and giving people information on which to base health and life decisions

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