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Nominate a Site

Since April 2013, the British Library has begun to archive the whole of the UK web domain under the terms of the Non-Print Legal Deposit Regulations 2013. This is done in an automated way, typically once a year.

We will be archiving sites:

  1. that are issued from a .uk or other UK geographic top-level domain, or;
  2. where part of the publishing process takes place in the UK;

We will not be archiving:

  1. sites concerning film and recorded sound where the audio-visual content predominates (but, for example, web pages containing video clips alongside text or images are within scope);
  2. private intranets and emails;
  3. personal data in social networking sites or that are only available to restricted groups.

We would like to hear from YOU if you own or know of a site that fits these criteria but that does not have a web address that ends with .uk.

You can also use this form to let us know about a site which may be about to go offline.