A 'memento' is a historical version of a web resource. Memento is also a method that allows seamless discovery and delivery of individual mementos, regardless where they are held. This is based on metadata aggregated from various web archives in the world, allowing you to find the historical pages you need across several archives.

To get started, visit the Mementos service and enter a URL.

Our Mementos service exposes the Memento protocol via a simple web-based user interface, allowing you to look up which archives across the world hold mementos of any particular URL. It provides basic visualisations of this information, including breakdowns of how many mementos different archival organisations hold, and how the collection of those mementos has varied over time. Although direct browsing of the past web requires special tools or browser extensions (like MementoFox), our lookup service provides an easy way to start exploring the world wide archival history of the web.


The history of

The history of


Mementos is powered by the Play Framework, Bootstrap, the NVD3 graphing library and uses PhantomJS for screenshots. The source code is hosted on GitHub.