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Olympic & Paralympic Games 2012

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the largest sporting event in the world; each event necessitating years of planning, international co-operation and vast financial resources. At the International Olympics Committee in Singapore July 2005 it was announced that London would host the Games in 2012. Hosting the Games will be a huge challenge for London and for the UK. The websites in this collection have been selected to reflect all aspects of the 2012 Games including the social and economic impact as well as the event itself. The collection includes websites of official bodies, relevant local councils, opinion forums and company websites. Sites will continue to be gathered up to and beyond the Olympics 2012.

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  1. 2012 Games in Wales | Gemau 2012 yng Nghymru
  2. 2012 london olympics.com
  3. 2012 Olympic Games - an East End perspective
  4. 2012 Olympic Games London
  5. 2012 Watchdog
  6. Aberdeen City Council: Aberdeen announces the route of the Olympic Torch relay
  7. Ability vs Ability - Paralympics GB Education
  8. AboutOlympics
  9. Accentuate
  10. Active Cumbria
  11. Adam McLeish
  12. Adecco: London 2012
  13. Aled Davies - Discus Thrower and Shot-Putter
  14. Alistair Brownlee
  15. All About Orkney: Orkney route for Olympic torch revealed
  16. Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE)
  17. Andrew Baggaley Table Tennis
  18. Andy Turner British Athlete
  19. Anna Watkins Rowing
  20. Anne-Wafula Strike

Sites (446)

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