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Live Art

The Live Art Collection was initiated in late 2008 and is maintained by the British Library in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency, London. Live Art is an innovative exploratory approach to contemporary performance practices. The range of websites in this collection includes organizations supporting, promoting and curating Live Art; artistsÂ’ websites; sites that are artistic or project-driven by their nature; blogsites and online spaces engaging in critical reviews; through to online archival sites relating to Live Art. This collection represents the diverse practices and approaches of artists today and the support and critical frameworks that exist to support, promote and comment upon Live Art and the ephemeral nature of this area of practice.

Sites (107)

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  1. 360degrees.tv
  2. 7 Acts of Love
  3. Aaron Williamson
  4. Acts of Achievement
  5. Alladeen
  6. Amino
  7. annabest.info
  8. Anne Bean
  9. Ansuman Biswas
  10. Art Collaboration
  11. ArtRole
  12. Artsadmin
  13. BAC
  14. Basement, The
  15. Blast Theory
  16. Bluecoat, The
  17. Boat Project, The
  18. Bobby Baker's Daily Life Ltd
  19. Brown Mountain College
  20. Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA)

Sites (107)

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